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Decision-Making Woes

Updated: Jul 3

Seeking therapy can be a difficult decision. Over the years, I have often heard statements such as or similar to, 'I have been thinking of counselling or therapy for months (or even years)'. With those that eventually take the first step, my curiosity has often lead me to ask...'why now?' or rather...'how now?'

Sometimes we avoid making decisions. Why? Is the outcome too unpredictable? We don't want the responsibility of making the 'wrong' choice? Sometimes...we choose 'stuck' but the better option may be to choose between the lesser of the two negatives we are presented with. Why? Because choosing leads to the next step and thus movement or getting 'unstuck'. When we are moving in a direction (physically, emotionally, psychologically), we learn to problem solve, acquire new skills, build confidence, and surprise ourselves.

What's your 'why now?' or 'how now?'

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